Wish List

Not that I need to add to my ever expanding stash (!), but having missed out on an Ebay auction, my wish for a certain Prairie Schooler design, and reading of other’s wish lists on their blogs, has led me to create one here. I have spent the last several months picking up PS designs wherever I can (I wish I had loved them as much when they were readily available as I do now), and I’m down to needing just a couple more:
Christmas Trees #82
Animal Alphabet #68

I would also dearly love to have the charts for Shepherd’s Bush Fold Alphabets – I have only seen a couple of these stitched, and they are wonderful.

So, it’s good to see my wish list to small, but that also means that I have added a fair amount recently!


New Territory

Well, this is a first. I had never thought of creating a blog for myself. I love reading blogs from others, but never felt I had enough to write about. However, I’m enjoying my association with the “Stitching Blogger’s Exchange” group on EZ board, and plan to stay with them – so here I am. I’m still trying to work out how to get pictures onto the internet, much less here, so things should be interesting for while!

Once I get comfortable writing about myself, I’ll add more!

Nancy K