Autumn Exchange

I’m feeling really on top of things – I have my stitching and finishing done for the SBE Autumn Exchange, and need only get some ribbon for closures. I can get it off in the mail after that, and I’ll be ahead of time – something I’m working hard on doing well.

So many new designs coming out, it’s hard not to rush to the LNS to add to the stash! I’m currently in two RR’s, one a House and Garden theme, and the other is Quaker samplers. With all these great groups to take part in, I’ve found several exchanges to take part in, and I love when something comes in the mail. I’ve recently added a kit from Just Nan, a special Halloween design to make a triangular ort box. I also finally broke down and ordered the needlebook from Au Fil des Reves, the one that matches their bourse. I’m hoping to start that soon, as I’ve developed quite an attachment to stitching needlework accessories. I plan to find a wonderful long basket to display all these in.

I’ve recently been obsessed with collecting as many Prairie Schooler designs that I can find (without breaking the bank!), and have managed to get myself down to needing just one more design to feel I have all the ones I truly want. It’s been a quest that hasn’t been the best for my pocketbook, but oh well.

As soon as my exchange is mailed, and I figure out where the cable for connecting the camera to the computer has disappeared, I will post a picture of it here (that is if I can make that work!).