Giving MeMe’s a Try

I’ve never completed one of these, and I found this on Adventures in X-Stitch blog:

The Meme of Fours

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life
1. Day Care assistant
2. Accounts Receivable
3. Insurance customer service rep!)
4. CCS Model stitcher (actually on payroll with taxes!)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again
1. American President
2. Stepmom
3. Twister
4. Fly Away Home

Four Places I Have Lived
1, 2, 3 & 4. Cities in So. California-my whole life

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
1. Sunday Morning
2. CSI (regular, Miami, New York
3. Criminal Minds
4. Clean Sweep

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation
1. Drove to Alaska and Canada
2. Zion and Bryce, Utah
3. Sequoia and Kings Canyon Nat’l Parks
4. A drive to Minnesota-loved S. Dakota!

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. Legacy Embroiderer’s Guild
2. Prairie Schooler
3. Stitching Bloggers
4. New – the Exchange Place

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. Potatoes of all kinds
2. See’s dark chocolate
3. Apples
4. Red Bell Peppers and ranch dressing

Four Albums I Can’t Live Without
1. Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA
2. Mercy Me: Almost There
3. Third Day: Offerings II
4. Neil Diamond: Hot August Night

Four Places I’d Rather Be
1. England
2. Ireland
3. Outside of Zion National Park
4. Somewhere in the Midwest

Four Bloggers I Tag
I don’t tag.

And from Lake Stitcher’s blog (I really need to figure out how to insert a link!)this was fun. Just Google “(your name) needs” and pick your 10 favorite:

Nancy needs another attention grabber
Nancy needs to wake up
Nancy needs to learn the facts
Because Nancy needs alot of support
Nancy needs alot to go her way in order to win, but it’s honestly not an unrealistic
All Nancy needs is to wolf down a 3,000 calorie dessert and bring the silver spoon
back to Miles
Nancy needs a peanut butter sandwich, a box of crayons and some paper to be happy
Nancy needs to allow herself to be known
Nancy needs to sing like we all need to breathe
Nancy needs your hand guiding her through

I wonder what the 3,000 calorie dessert I should choose


Belated Christmas stash

I have a most wonderful mother in law! We went down this weekend to exchange Christmas gifts (the flu hit our household and hers over the holidays, causing the delay), and my present from her was CHS’s Houses of Hawks Run Hollow, one of each of the Olde Willow Stitchery’s Quaker colors, and a piece of Lakeside Linen in their beautiful pear color. She has been a wonderful supporter of my stitching (even though she can’t quite understand the constant acquisition LOL!), and this just made my Christmas! I’m really looking forward to stitching with the new threads.

A New Year – time to give blogging a second chance!

Well, here it is the new year, and having spent plenty of time enjoying other’s stitching blogs, I would love to make a commitment to keeping mine up to date with stitching plans and accomplishments. We bought a new digital camera for Christmas, and I’ve been learning how to upload and order pictures, and am going to work at posting pictures here, as soon as I figure out how to orient them right side up!

I received this pinkeep in a Sampler House exchange – it is currently hanging on my tree (no, I haven’t taken it down yet), and will join other exchange pieces in a basket when the tree comes down.

Stitching goals for the year:
1. I hope to finish as many WIP’s as possible – these include one very old sampler
started 18 years ago, three older RR’s that I need to complete my stitching on,
a Santa I started about 11 years ago, and a mourning sampler I am stitching to
honor my dad.
2. I plan on finishing several stitched ornaments into items that can be hung on my
tree next year.
3. I am currently in two RR’s, one will finish in about two months, and I hope to
start one other this year with a Prairie Schooler group.
These are enough for now – this should keep me busy the entire year!