What was I thinking?!?

I’m seeing my future stitching time dwindling down to nothing for the next 6 weeks – I’ve just undertaken some online classes through one of the universities. I’m studying to become a certified personal fitness trainer, and I was not anticipating the homework load that has arrived at my house. I’m now in the same boat my h.s. sophmore is in – lots of homework, very little stitching time. The one reward is that over a fairly short course of time, I will be finished, and will be able to turn this into a new career path for myself – if all goes well, and I’m able to get my old brain to absorb some of this information! Right now, it’s Exercise Physiology, and Kinesiology for Trainers (I’m still waiting for that book to arrive, and will have two chapters due by this Sunday!).

I’m sorry to be having this pity party, but I’m feeling just a little overwhelmed at the moment, and I can’t take much of a break to calm down with stitching. Once I get caught up, I’ll feel much better.