A break in the routine

I realized it’s been way too long since I posted, so I am here to remedy that!

This week is a school break for my kids, and as a result it’s one for me, too, as I work for the school district. I’m looking forward to getting things done this time around, as dh is also off. There are plenty of projects needing attention, and this week will hopefully see the successful stripping and prepping for stain a cedar chest my neighbor passed on to me. Dh also picked up 12 bare root rose bushes, and we plan to set them in our side bank for color – roses are the one plant that I find hard to kill as gardener I am not LOL! I hope to get at least one sewing project started and completed, and have two exchanges to that will be mailed this week, one of which I am working on the stitching, the other waiting just for finishing. Pictures to follow on those, once mailed and received.

Here is a picture of a recent exchange I sent, it was for a Needlework Smalls exchange. It is a free design from Needle Maid Designs, and I finished it into a needlebook using a previous exchange I received as inspiration (thank you Linda N!):
This is the exchange I received, a most lovely pinkeep from Su – we had each other’s names for this exchange! She stitched PS carnations – and I love them! Notice the chocolate in the foreground, a most important stitching accessory!
I lead the Quaker Quarterly exchange on the Legacy Embroiderers Guild, and we are completely our 12th exchange (I’ve only lead since the 10th exchange, but have participated since the beginning). This is the exchange I sent to my partner – it is the CHS ornament in the 2006 JCS ornament issue, and I finished it into a pendibule. Our theme was ‘New’ to celebrate the new year, and this finish was a new one for me. I also used the new DMC variegated floss for this, which was a first time also. I thought I had a picture of the Quaker I received waiting to go, but it is still in my camera, so I will add that tonight! Carolyn sent me the most wonderful Quaker pinkeep, and I want to share it. Check back later!
And I wanted to share the stitchery that began this cross stitch passion for me. It was stitched for dh and I for our wedding by my sil, and it inspired me to try cross stitch, from which I’ve never looked back!
Well, light is failing, and I must get my walk in before the sun is completely gone. I’ll be back with more pictures!