Red threads from Nancy Belgian

Floss of the red variety

Red threads from Nancy Belgian, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

I ordered some red threads from Nancy Belgian, and I really love the color depth of them. They range from deep red to burgundy to a rusty red. I think all of these combined would look amazing on a large Quaker, and her skeins are so generous!


Hand dyed floss from Nancy Belgian

Beautiful color!

Hand dyed floss from Nancy Belgian, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

I have been introduced to this wonderful line of hand-dyed cotton floss from Jodi, who brought many skeins with her to our get together in February, and I have promptly ordered the floss you see pictured, along with several more skeins. The dyer sells her floss through her Ebay store, and it has been wonderful working with her. It is really great, as she sells 20 yard skeins, which would work really well for Quakers and monochromatic samplers, and it stitches up nicely.

A trio of pillows from Cheryl

What arrived in my mailbox:

Valentines Exchange from Cheryl, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

In the same Valentines exchange, I received these wonderful SB pillows from Cheryl. I love SB’s heart designs, and these were beautifully finished by Kathy. I love how the fabrics all coordinate together.

Valentines Exchange for Jen

Hearts abound!

Valentines Exchange for Jen, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

I participated in a Valentines exchange with my Yahoo group, and this is the pinkeep I stitched for Jen. It is a design from a French blog, and I love the swirls and extra hearts.

I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by Patti and Jen and it’s taken me awhile to think of 7 random facts – I’m not sure any of these will be all that interesting:

1. I love 4 wheel drive trucks, and hope to get one once we don’t have to drive so many other people around.

2. I would love to be a photographer, a potter, and make furniture – these would be my dream jobs.

3. Having detested vegetables as a child and teen, when I moved away from home, I promptly became a vegetarian, to the utter shock of my mom!

4. I want to start racewalking – I’m not a runner.

5. Before kids, we took 4 weeks and drove to Alaska, riding ferries along the Inland Passage and driving the Al-Can highway. We hope to do it again soon.

6. My dream home would be an Arts and Crafts style bungalow, with Mission style furniture (hence my dream job of furniture making).

7. I can never imagine our house without at least one cat.

Unfortunately this part of the trail will stop with me, as I cannot think of who I know to tag who hasn’t already been.

Memorial Sampler for my dad

In memory of my dad –

Memorial Sampler for my dad, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

On the heels of finishing my mom’s sampler, I set to work on the border of the sampler honoring my dad. I had stalled on the willow trees – so many lazy daisy stitches! At a 4 day stitch gathering with some friends of mine, this was my focus, and I’m happy to show it finished here. Now for the framing of the two samplers so they can be hung for all to see!

My oldest WIP – finished!!

For my mom –

My oldest WIP – finished!!, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

I started this sampler in 1986, and it has languished for so many years, occasionally worked on, but so much blue and so much repetition! I finally buckled down to work on the the last stitches and all the backstitching, and am so satisfied that it is finished!