I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by Patti and Jen and it’s taken me awhile to think of 7 random facts – I’m not sure any of these will be all that interesting:

1. I love 4 wheel drive trucks, and hope to get one once we don’t have to drive so many other people around.

2. I would love to be a photographer, a potter, and make furniture – these would be my dream jobs.

3. Having detested vegetables as a child and teen, when I moved away from home, I promptly became a vegetarian, to the utter shock of my mom!

4. I want to start racewalking – I’m not a runner.

5. Before kids, we took 4 weeks and drove to Alaska, riding ferries along the Inland Passage and driving the Al-Can highway. We hope to do it again soon.

6. My dream home would be an Arts and Crafts style bungalow, with Mission style furniture (hence my dream job of furniture making).

7. I can never imagine our house without at least one cat.

Unfortunately this part of the trail will stop with me, as I cannot think of who I know to tag who hasn’t already been.


2008 Blogging hopes and plans

I’ve never been one to keep a journal or daily accounting of my life – I’ve always admired those who do and wished I held the devotion I’ve seen in others. This trait has spilled over into my blogging. I started blogging when I joined an exchange group whose membership required each stitcher to maintain a blog, and have been quite the spotty writer since then. One of the challenges that I’ve encountered is the ability to easily post pictures – this talent has eluded me at all turns. I love blogs with pictures, so my lack of them has kept me away. I don’t know what 2008 will bring, but if wishes were horses (as they say) I should have thousands of words and pictures to populate my blog LOL!

I’ll keep on trying . . .


I’ve been expanding my blog circle beyond cross stitch, to knitting, sewing crafts, and faith based blogs. With all of these, I am in awe of the marvelous talent these blog authors have in expressing their thoughts, and engaging their readers. Add to this the amazing art that is created, I find my mind spinning with many wonderful new ideas to put into being. I’ve been able to organize my blogroll to add many of these – I still have more to include!

My next adventure – knitting. I took my first and only knitting class 15 years ago, and have only dabbled in it in the years since. I have developed the most inconvenient method of knitting, which has discouraged me for quite a while. Since my interest has grown over the last 6 months, and I’ve seen so many amazing things made with needles and yarn (socks have definitely piqued my interest), I’m making a concerted effort to correct my errant ways and improve my skills. I would love to be able to consider myself an accomplished knitter – to be brave enough to tackle whatever project catches my eye. I know I have a few years and many things to knit before this comes to bear. I’m up for the challenge! Although my stitches seem to be quite tight as I’m making this adjustment.

This is just a test!

I took one of those tests, and wanted to share it here.  Let’s see if I’m successful ?!?

You Belong in Fall

Intelligent, introspective, and quite expressive at times…
You appreciate the changes in color, climate, and mood that fall brings
Whether you’re carving wacky pumpkins or taking long drives, autumn is a favorite time of year for you

What Season Are You?

It worked!  First time around, no, but once I copied it all under code, viola!  I must keep repeating to myself ‘try, try again’.  I love the fact that I’m ‘Fall’ – that would have been my pick.

Trying something new

I’m trying a new blog!  I don’t know how things will work here, there are many techniques to learn.  I’ve struggled just a bit with Blogger, and wanted a change.  Next challenge, importing my blog from Blogger over here!