My newest ornament finish 2007

My newest ornament finish 2007, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

I had stitched this ornament for an ornament RR I lead last year, but decided on a different design once it came time to send. All this ornament lacked was cording to be attached, taking a short part of an afternoon to complete. It was great to be able to add this to my growing collection of stitched ornaments.


More stitchings

Okay, it seems I might just have a handle on posting pictures – it seems my camera has a special feature to make a smaller picture of what I’ve taken built in. This allows me to start with a picture that takes up less space, which seems to be what has prevented me in the past.

That being the case, I want to share the biscornu I stitched for the pin exchange mentioned in the last post:


I’ll share more later. It’s hot here – the dog days have arrived in the company of monsoonal moisture up from Mexico. The air isn’t moving, the windows are open wide, and we’ve no air. We only get a few days that are unbearable, and I know I would be a wimp if we did have air, using it more that I want to pay for. This is set to last through Labor Day, and we should be returning to our wonderful So Cal weather after that.

First finish for 2007

I’m happy to report my first finish for 2007:

1989 Prairie Schooler Annual Santa

I have four different catagories that this finish falls into: first finish of 2007, first UFO finish for the year, a Prairie Schooler Santa finish, and an ornament finish. The last two are two groups I’ve joined along with for this year. I hope to stitch all of the PS Annual Santa’s this year, and hope to stitch at least one ornament a month. Now to finish it into a display item – I’m think either a cube-it or framing it. I think I’ll celebrate by starting my Quaker exchange!