I’ve been expanding my blog circle beyond cross stitch, to knitting, sewing crafts, and faith based blogs. With all of these, I am in awe of the marvelous talent these blog authors have in expressing their thoughts, and engaging their readers. Add to this the amazing art that is created, I find my mind spinning with many wonderful new ideas to put into being. I’ve been able to organize my blogroll to add many of these – I still have more to include!

My next adventure – knitting. I took my first and only knitting class 15 years ago, and have only dabbled in it in the years since. I have developed the most inconvenient method of knitting, which has discouraged me for quite a while. Since my interest has grown over the last 6 months, and I’ve seen so many amazing things made with needles and yarn (socks have definitely piqued my interest), I’m making a concerted effort to correct my errant ways and improve my skills. I would love to be able to consider myself an accomplished knitter – to be brave enough to tackle whatever project catches my eye. I know I have a few years and many things to knit before this comes to bear. I’m up for the challenge! Although my stitches seem to be quite tight as I’m making this adjustment.