I’ve been expanding my blog circle beyond cross stitch, to knitting, sewing crafts, and faith based blogs. With all of these, I am in awe of the marvelous talent these blog authors have in expressing their thoughts, and engaging their readers. Add to this the amazing art that is created, I find my mind spinning with many wonderful new ideas to put into being. I’ve been able to organize my blogroll to add many of these – I still have more to include!

My next adventure – knitting. I took my first and only knitting class 15 years ago, and have only dabbled in it in the years since. I have developed the most inconvenient method of knitting, which has discouraged me for quite a while. Since my interest has grown over the last 6 months, and I’ve seen so many amazing things made with needles and yarn (socks have definitely piqued my interest), I’m making a concerted effort to correct my errant ways and improve my skills. I would love to be able to consider myself an accomplished knitter – to be brave enough to tackle whatever project catches my eye. I know I have a few years and many things to knit before this comes to bear. I’m up for the challenge! Although my stitches seem to be quite tight as I’m making this adjustment.


I would like more hours in my day, please!

It seems like each day ends quicker than the day before, and I just can’t get done what I want to finish! For the first 15 years of my oldest daughters life, I was a stay at home mom, and I ventured into the work force in fall of 2004 at our local elementary school as a yard duty. It was perfect, as I was always off work when my kids were off school, and it wasn’t a large number of hours. Since that time, I’ve been searching for my true calling in life (yard dog it is not!), and believe I’ve found it in the form of personal fitness training. But in the process of getting that off the ground, I’ve still been working through the school district, elevating my status to lunch lady! All this is great, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to incorporate stitching into any of these activities LOL! My dream is probably one shared by many stitchers, to have my own needlework shop, but I know the hours for that are long, and it’s not all rosy as it seems in my imagination. So, I’ll keep on with the kids, and hopefully get to help others attain their fitness goals – hopefully mom’s like myself, faced with ever decreasing personal time to take some time for themselves.

We have a new kitten in the house – actually he joined our family last August. He is the cutest thing, named Earl Grey (we are a family of tea drinkers). He has some quirks, though! He’s finicky about the state of his litter box, preferring several very soft and well loved items of my kids to use as his elimination box (luckily only the liquid kind, no solids thank you!). He is fascinated by bubbles in the sink, constantly hopping up on the counter (where cats are not allowed in my house), and he LOVES toilet paper (maybe that is tied to the first item LOL). We are constantly finding shredded rolls around the house, or on the paper holder in the bathrooms. He’s a lap cat, happy to find a warm lap to curl up on, and he’s very quick to get comfortable. He has tried to grab at the back of my stitching, but is quickly learning that is a no-no. He is helping in the fitness regime of our other two cats, ages 11 and 8, both fairly solid creatures. They have rediscovered the playful sides of their personalities with the help of Earl. He also loves to try to trap anything coming out of the printer, reaching up far into the workings of the paper tray. Meet Earl:

This is my Ming, age 8. Not your typical Siamese, she has no voice (I think someone probably had them cut, we got her as a stray from the Humane Society), she’s got a stubby tail, very round body, despite any diet we put her on. But very lovable. She has adopted my middle daughter as her sleeping buddy.

And finally, Desi, age 11. Very vocal, especially when the food bowl is empty, or in the middle of the night when he can’t find anyone in the family room, and he starts calling to them! He sleeps in the middle of my chest, even though he really is my daughter’s cat.

I want to share my next (hopeful) quilting project. Right after finish painting my middle daughter’s bedroom a lovely shade of lavendar (mind you, this took over two years to accomplish, as we started right before our remodel, and then didn’t finish it up until this summer), she decided she loves the colors of blue and green, and mom, could we please paint my room those colors? She will need to wait at least until this summer, but in the meantime, I’ve decided to sew up a few things in these colors. I made the pillow case, and the remaining fabric will go for a quilt. I even have the pattern in mind, something easy and quick. Here are the fabrics:

Well, I’m off for a quick walk before work. Thanks for sharing a little bit of my day!