Stitching Quakers

I’ve lead a Quaker exchange, and we are currently on our 15th exchange! So many lovely Quaker smalls have been stitched through this exchange, and it has been such a great exchange to be a part of.

QQX15 Quaker bag for Linda

My partner was Linda, and I stitched and finished this drawstring bag for her. I fell in love with Vikki Clayton’s Baneberry, and went in search of a design that I felt would work really well with what I was seeing in my mind! I used VC’s scarlet for the flowers, and I’m really happy with how this turned out


Exchanges are so much fun

I love stitching for other stitchers, and I love getting packages in the mail – therefore exchanges have wonderful appeal to me.

Here is what I received for a Bird themed exchange from Marie P:

PS Prairie Fairie fob stitched over one on 40 ct!

I lead a summer house exchange, and received this wonderful fob from Katrina D:

Blackbird Designs Pink House stitched over one

Another exchange I participated in had a finishing theme for a mattress pincushion, and this is the marvelous piece I received from Tuula from Finland:

Mattress, side one

And here is side two:

Side two

Time for a walk – the day is already heating up!


I’ve been expanding my blog circle beyond cross stitch, to knitting, sewing crafts, and faith based blogs. With all of these, I am in awe of the marvelous talent these blog authors have in expressing their thoughts, and engaging their readers. Add to this the amazing art that is created, I find my mind spinning with many wonderful new ideas to put into being. I’ve been able to organize my blogroll to add many of these – I still have more to include!

My next adventure – knitting. I took my first and only knitting class 15 years ago, and have only dabbled in it in the years since. I have developed the most inconvenient method of knitting, which has discouraged me for quite a while. Since my interest has grown over the last 6 months, and I’ve seen so many amazing things made with needles and yarn (socks have definitely piqued my interest), I’m making a concerted effort to correct my errant ways and improve my skills. I would love to be able to consider myself an accomplished knitter – to be brave enough to tackle whatever project catches my eye. I know I have a few years and many things to knit before this comes to bear. I’m up for the challenge! Although my stitches seem to be quite tight as I’m making this adjustment.

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

It’s Easter morning – very early.  The rest of my house is asleep, even the cats.  I sit here typing, thinking I should make it to bed soon, as 7 am comes quite early, and I’m going to be blessed with watching babies in the nursery for first service at our church.  I’m looking forward to the teaching our pastor will give, loving the feel of my Bible open on my lap as he applies those sacred words to our daily lives.  I wish my childhood held these memories, but know I can keep on learning from God’s word all the rest of my days.

Easter has been such an evolving holiday for me.  My memories of my own Easter baskets waiting with candy mingle with filling baskets for my kids with many of the same candies, along with so many new kinds now available.  As my kids have gotten older and their beliefs have changed, their focus has shifted to providing Easter egg hunts for the neighborhood children who have gifted my kids with their adoration (it is mutual, my three love spending time with them too).  Baskets have been replaced with bags, and we no longer color hardboiled eggs.  I grew up watching “The Ten Commandments” and it occurred to me that my three have not ever seen the movie in it’s entirety, if even at all.  I feel I’ve cheated them of something special, a glimpse of the awe I felt watching it, although death and ressurection are not a part of that traditional Easter tale.  I’m developing a more spiritual feeling for this day, as I came upon my firm belief in Jesus in my life much later in life than my children did.  I plan to bring down the ressurection eggs I have had for so many years, and going over them again with them when we all gather after church.  I hope we can make new ones for those neighborhood boys and girls who have a special place in our family’s hearts.

Stitching has been a part of each of my days lately – RR’s and exchanges to stitch and finish, and dreams of projects for myself, hopes of decorating my walls with many samplers, plans to frame and otherwise finish the multitude of projects that sit under my couch waiting their turn to be seen and admired, if only by me!  Just today, I’ve finished stitching on an ornament for the Ornament RR I’m a part of.  I was able to mail it off to it’s next stitcher, and I have started stitching a duplicate of the ornament I chose, to gift to a wonderful friend who was not able to join us this round.  I have begun on a Drawn Thread RR from a new group of friends I’ve been so happy to be a part of.

Here are just a couple of things I’ve finished lately and have received in exchanges: Okay, technical difficulties seem to exist between me and my images, and I’m a bit too tired to figure it out now.  I’ll try with a fresh mind tomorrow.  My picture came through HUGE!

Prairie Schooler Fans Needlecase Exchange

 Okay, I think this worked, but it requires a second step.  At least you don’t have to move across the room to view it!

I wish for you all a peaceful, joyful Easter. 

It’s been awhile!

I must be one of the most inconsistent blogger around! Yes, Jill, you are right, I need to post at least weekly! I love reading everyone’s blogs, and am constantly finding new ones to bookmark.

It’s the middle of March already – where did that time go? My current stitching projects are quite numerous:

Finishing up a Quaker RR (one more mailing round to go)
Just mailed out the first round of an Ornament RR
Will be mailing my new DT RR out tomorrow

There are several exchanges on the horizon. I love sending packages out and receiving them! It’s great to see what others stitch and how they interpret the given theme. I keep all my exchanges in areas around my stitching spot, serving as a wonderful visual symbol of my love for this needleart. Now, if I could just get some of my finished pieces framed!

Here is a picture of my part in my DT RR (not complete, I still have a house to finish and an owl to add):

I am so looking forward to my Quaker RR coming home – one more stitcher and it will be mine to treasure. I chose a monochromatic theme using Vikki Clayton’s Wenge. No pictures to share at this time, I’ll make sure to post one when it makes it back to me. I think my next Quaker will be either red or green – there’s always room for more Quakers!

I got the chance to meet with some special stitching friends yesterday, and to meet Dani from Ottawa ( who has been down visiting these southwestern states! Our international community amazes me. What a blessing the internet has been bringing us in touch with so many wonderful people!

My next post will show all my recent exchanges I’ve received and sent, as I’ve been very remiss in acknowledging these in picture.

First finish for 2007

I’m happy to report my first finish for 2007:

1989 Prairie Schooler Annual Santa

I have four different catagories that this finish falls into: first finish of 2007, first UFO finish for the year, a Prairie Schooler Santa finish, and an ornament finish. The last two are two groups I’ve joined along with for this year. I hope to stitch all of the PS Annual Santa’s this year, and hope to stitch at least one ornament a month. Now to finish it into a display item – I’m think either a cube-it or framing it. I think I’ll celebrate by starting my Quaker exchange!