Springtime sales have started . . .

. . . but this year, there has been little difference between the season we are heading into and the one we are leaving behind. Garage sale-ing in Southern California rarely takes time off for inclement weather, except when the rain comes, which has happened precious few times this year.

A local chapter of the Soroptomists held a fundraising sale this morning, to benefit a local battered women’s shelter. A small neighborhood sale, along with an estate sale, and I was able to bring home these treasures.

I love Heath ceramics, and there are four mates that came with these two mugs. They are a deep brown color, and are in excellent condition. The Pyrex fridgie has a small chip on the lid, but it is well cared for, and matches the set of bowls I have put away. The small brown bowl will see good use in our kitchen. The long piece of pottery is a butter dish with no markings, but it makes a great rest for my pens on my desk.


I have committed to using the Pyrex I bring home. We are a casserole family, so these are perfect.


This ironstone bowl will become our vegetable dish. It is generous in size, and is so much nicer to serve from than straight from the pot. The ornaments will be added to our tree this year. The small Buffalo china plates have such a good solid weight – I wish  there had been more than just the two.


Hanging on the wall over my desk I have three small plaques that my aunt decoupaged in the ’60’s, using pages from Joan Walsh Anglund’s ‘A Pocketfull of Proverbs.’ I have been recently seeking her books; they are difficult to find and quite pricey on Ebay, but the artwork is innocently sweet. The artwork in the other book is the same type that inspired my mom to paint a small piece. I will share these in a future post.


The characters of Charles Schulz are icons from my childhood, and I have been collecting the small paperback comic books published in the ’60’s, along with other Snoopy and Charlie Brown memorabilia. The Peter Max ‘Peace’ also harkens back to that time. I will keep these at my desk where I sit and slog through Philosophy and Theory as great reminders of gentler reading! The Emma Bridgewater mug is the first I have found of her lovely ceramics – isn’t the lettering inside and out great?


I picked up the small plate for a dime, the woman I bought it from said it was the last piece of the set she used for years. As with so much of what I bring home, it is the unspoken stories behind what I find that cause me to keep them and search for a place to stash it at home. The hand-stitching on the butterfly needlebook is bold in its black thread – I have a pink quilt with the same graphics. The bundles of ecru laces will find their way into my needlework finishes.


Simply stated – I love mugs! I keep my eyes open for unique cups to use for my tea. With an abundance of mugs, I never have to worry that my favorite one will be at the bottom of the sink. The Mom mug will not be used for tea – it has overall crazing, but it will be the perfect receptacle for my crochet hooks. I will always pick up a Starbucks mug, someday, I might venture into the world of vintage sales, and I know these sell well. I appreciate their solid feel and the fact that they keep their contents warm. They are also a generous size, large enough to make it through an episode of Downton Abbey, with no commercials!


This is such a sweet little Shaker box – I talked with the woman who painted it, and she said it was the first piece she painted in this particular style, of course, I didn’t ask her what that style actually was. But I believe this is an authentic Shaker piece, not an imitation of them from the local craft store. Not sure yet what I should keep in it, but I appreciate the time she put into the painting.


This is the first piece of Hall pottery I have found, and frankly, I have no idea what I will use this small duck casserole for, but it is in excellent condition, no chips, cracks, or crazing – and it is just a very cheerful piece.



Like the Hall above, I have never before found a piece of Jadeite at a price I could afford, until now – this cost less than a dollar. There are a couple of small chips on the base, but I don’t mind – I have yet to use it for a cup of tea, but I think it will be perfectly suited for the task.

Finding a cache of books is one of my favorite parts of garage sales. I can always find a title or two to bring along. When I am finished with my classes, I plan to make a dent in what now graces my bookshelves.


And so, there was just enough vintage found to admire. I keep my new things close by my favorite spots in the house. I cannot explain the reasons behind my desire to collect, and I walk a fine line between stressful clutter and treasured keepsakes. Our house is currently bulging, but I know that all too soon, it will strangely empty of our kids, and I am not so sure I will be so happy to gain the rooms for ourselves.


Ah, it’s been so long!

Christmas 2013 brought a wonderful new package of floss from Victorian Motto: her 1795 Sampler collection – what new project to stitch with them is the next question.Image

Red threads from Nancy Belgian

Floss of the red variety

Red threads from Nancy Belgian, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

I ordered some red threads from Nancy Belgian, and I really love the color depth of them. They range from deep red to burgundy to a rusty red. I think all of these combined would look amazing on a large Quaker, and her skeins are so generous!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

The music in my life

As I sit here, knowing I need to get some sleep before early morning softball games take over our day, I came across this meme on another blog. I just couldn’t resist compiling my own list to see what I would include in my favorite 7 songs. As I can imagine it is for many others, this is a very difficult thing to do – the first couple of songs popped into my head without much thought at all, as they have been a part of my soul for so many years, I then started wondering how I could leave out this song or that one when I love them all. But this is what came to me first, and as I know from experience, it’s always good to go with the first answer (at least that is what I’ve always told myself when taking a test):

Stairway to Heaven Led Zepplin – ah, the memory of high school dances ending with this song – a long slow dance!

Fluff Black Sabbath – in the midst of some very heavy metal, this beautiful, delicate instrumental that begs for headphones and darkness to let it surround me.

Blowin’ In The Wind Peter, Paul and Mary – a song whose message carries over the years.

Japan Kenny G – we played this song at our wedding, it’s what I walked with my dad down the aisle to meet the love of my life. It brings to mind the beach at sunset, times spent talking for many long hours, so many of the good things our life together has been.

Call to Worship – Mercy Me – this song has me ready to lift my hands to heaven in praise.

You Are So Good to Me – Third Day – a song of pure love and ultimate sacrifice.

Rocky Mountain High – John Denver – yes, I do want to move to Colorado, and this song has a lot to do with that desire!

So many others that would make it on this list – my IPod is a testimony to that fact. Memories are conjured, feelings and dreams come to mind as these songs play. The radio constantly plays when I’m driving, and my IPod when I’m walking, between Christian, classic rock and country most days. A little jazz, Celtic and New Age find their way in, too. I would love to know your favorites.

Exchange in the mail

I took part in a needlecase exchange through the Prairie Schooler Fans Yahoo group, and I was partnered with Georgie P in Australia. I received the most wonderful package from her today – a beautiful needlecase, along with a skein of Dinky Dyes silk in Mango Tango, and a bag of assorted Cadbury eggs (Australian candy), and a postcard of the Victorian Goldfields. Australia is one of my dream country’s to visit. I’m going to try posting a picture – I’m spotty at best with my success doing this!

Georgie’s PS needlecase exchange for me

Well, I can get a title, but not the picture. I should find a class somewhere to make this clear to me LOL! I even tried to upload a picture as an avatar, and it seemed to work, but I have NO idea where it would show. There is probably a picture of my cat Earl floating around somewhere in cyberspace. I need a program ‘WordPress/Blogging for Dummies’, although knowing how popular those books are there is probably one already on the market.

Stitching goals 2007

I’m keeping my goals simple this year:

1. Stitch through my basket of UFO’s, to stitch as many as I can by year’s end. I hope to take pictures of them all at this point, so I can see my progress at the end of 2007. I’ll post those pictures here as I get them taken.
2. Stitch ornaments for my tree. I have so many ornaments marked off in the JCS Ornament issues, and I have ordered all three of my kid’s names from M Designs. I want to stop wishing to have them stitched, and actually do them.
3. Find ways to display as many of my finished stitchings as possible – framing, cube-it’s, banners, pinkeeps, stitching smalls, ornaments, and any other ways I can find.
4. Finish the two RR’s I’m in, one is in the middle and one is just starting, and the one starting up helps to fulfill goal #2!

That’s it – I like the fact that stitching ornaments helps to fulfill that start-itis that hits regularly, and I really like all of my UFO’s, so having them finished and displayed will strengthen my sense of accomplishment and love I have for this art.

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