Memorial Sampler for my dad

In memory of my dad –

Memorial Sampler for my dad, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

On the heels of finishing my mom’s sampler, I set to work on the border of the sampler honoring my dad. I had stalled on the willow trees – so many lazy daisy stitches! At a 4 day stitch gathering with some friends of mine, this was my focus, and I’m happy to show it finished here. Now for the framing of the two samplers so they can be hung for all to see!


My oldest WIP – finished!!

For my mom –

My oldest WIP – finished!!, originally uploaded by nkuelbs.

I started this sampler in 1986, and it has languished for so many years, occasionally worked on, but so much blue and so much repetition! I finally buckled down to work on the the last stitches and all the backstitching, and am so satisfied that it is finished!